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Later down the line we decided to have a go at breeding for ourselves so we arranged to use a top stud dog who belonged to another good friend of ours thinking that me own dog Kane was too young at the age of 11 and a half months. The next day we made all of the arrangements for the visit to the stud dog. The only thing was, everyone forgot to tell Kane what was going to happen and that night he broke his way into Gemma's kennel. My husband heard the commotion and went to investigate. He had been gone for some time and I thought he was just having a cup of tea after finding nothing wrong. How wrong was I, when he came back to bed and told me what had happened, I could not believe what Kane had done to get what he wanted and in Kane's eyes no-one was going to stop him. Well that was that, so we lay in bed and had a chat about what to do for the best. In the end we said it must have been meant to be, and left it at that. The next day I rang the stud dog owner and told him what had happened. He just started laughing and said "so you thought he was too young then ?" and kept on laughing, but he was fine about it.

Gemma went on to have 14 puppies but we lost 4 of them to fading puppie syndrome. The rest were beautiful, big strong pups. You will hear more about Kory, the one we kept and how he went on to do a lot better than I ever could have imagined, and it show's some mistakes can be worthwhile.

We never looked back after that. You will read more about my dogs later. We have shown dogs for 24 years now.forth most we only breed for ourselves, we do not breed to supply the public or to fill orders for people wanting puppies. We breed to replace the ones we loose to old age or ill health, and when we can no longer breed from our stock we look to buy one in. We are only a small kennel and can only keep 5 dogs, and this is pushing it a little. I like all of my dogs to be treat the same way and all get the same amount of attention. When you have too many dogs you can lose sight of this and they become a task, rather than pets you enjoy.

Please remember why you first got your dogs, and enjoy them while you can as you don't know what is around the corner.

Amberixs German Shepherd Dogs is located in the beautiful North East area of England, Middlesbrough, Our goal in breeding is to produce gorgeous dogs that work. Rich in pigment as well as personality! Each litter at Amberix is bred with care....the goal is to produce consistently high quality German Shepherds with breed type, health, and correct character.